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Jessekep12 10 months ago

Add me back and I am 13 I swear

firtgshy 11 months ago


cameronmartell3 11 months ago

Add me il add you, you are so pretty.

aedanbc about 1 year ago

Add me back. 13 yo male. You r so beautiful

lawliet_12 about 1 year ago

I'm 14/ Add me back you're cute 😻

matthew-mc8 about 1 year ago

Hey, add me you're stunning

Mrhumanguy over 1 year ago


obaran4 over 1 year ago

add me ;)

stylin6 over 1 year ago

ok, my friend and i made a bet. i said that he cant get a girls snapchat online. he said he could if you add this username and text him, he wins 1/10

korede145 over 1 year ago

hey cutie can you add me back i really want to get to know you

devynmiller69 over 1 year ago

All of these guys are just saying add me but none of them ever say things like how beautiful you look

weller8hd over 1 year ago

Add me - Justin 💖💙💖💙

Dilucas-075 over 1 year ago

Text me it won't let me text you and what is your number

Loljuan9 over 1 year ago

Plz add me

Gribbs9301999 over 1 year ago

Add me plz. Thanks