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Wyattthomas007 7 months ago

Hey you really hot I'm 13 gonna be 14 soon hmu

Zackfootball24 7 months ago

Add me

gneideffer8 8 months ago

Hey add me girl I already add you

Heybou 8 months ago

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soccermantodd1 8 months ago

Wow ur really cute I'd love to chat sometime u seem really chill

unstable_rock 8 months ago

Damm add me

Wagnonry1 8 months ago

I'm 14 wanna trade nudes

andydauplaise 9 months ago

How come you deleted me off of Snapchat?

Jessekep12 9 months ago

I am 14 add me back

magnsuuup 9 months ago

Hi, I just added you and I wondered if you could add me to

Reganslater2001 9 months ago

Hey u are pretty,I've added u add me back

imbigkid 9 months ago

Your hot, I'm 14, let's chat

Cadey243 9 months ago

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Cadey243 9 months ago

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Jkolberg1997 9 months ago

Add me I sent a request